Vancouver Global Game Jam


Thank you for making GGJ Vancouver the largest game jam ever in one room!

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  • When: January 23-25, 2015
  • Where: UBC Life Sciences Building, East Atrium
  • What: A fun-filled 48-hour adventure making games!
  • Why: Because Games Matter.

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  • GGJ Vancouver's Vision

  • The Vancouver Global Game Jam is dedicated to the Vancouver video-game community.

  • We seek to bring together students, enthusiasts and industry individuals to work together, side-by-side in an open-minded and judgment-free environment.

  • We seek to raise awareness of the video-game industry in Vancouver, and the amazing people who work hard every day to create, cover, and play our games.

  • We seek to raise awareness of the various programs and relevant research at our local universities and colleges.

  • We seek to create opportunities for networking, resume-building and fostering mentoring relationships among people in our community, or those wishing to become more involved.

  • The Jam is not, and will never be, a competition. Instead it is a collaborative, safe, and fun environment where people can come together to learn, teach, and create seriously awesome content! Seriously!

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the biggest jam yet?

Registration for 2015 is now open!

Jam Day

Our workspace
Hours & Schedule

Open around the clock

  • Friday:

  • 3:30pm
  • Jam Registration opens. Only prepaid participants and pre-confirmed guests and volunteers will be admitted. We are unable to receive drop-in guests whose attendance has not been confirmed prior to the event.

  • 5:00pm - 6:00pm
  • Arrive, Setup and Mingle

  • 6:00pm
  • Welcome and Vancouver Keynote.

  • 6:30pm
  • Dinner and GGJ keynote video shown

  • 7:00pm
  • Pitches and group formation (optional)

  • 7:30pm
  • Everyone jamming!

  • Saturday:

  • All day: Keep jammin'!

  • Be sure to check out our sponsor booths.

  • 3:00pm
  • The traditional GGJ Vancouver group photo-- don't miss it!

  • Sunday:

  • Morning: Still jammin'!

  • 3:00pm
  • Final submission deadline for upload to IGDA Global Game Jam site.

  • 3:00pm - 4pm
  • Break and opportunity to play games.

  • 4:30pm
  • Final showcase and dinner.

  • 6:30pm
  • Off to home!

Note that this is a non-competitive event and you are not required to spend the full 48-hour period on site. Some groups certainly do, and we'll be here the entire time, too, with security around the clock so it's up to you and your team. But the idea is to be jamming in the same place as a community, so heading home and jamming from home during the day is strongly discouraged as it is not in the spirit of the event. And if you're not at the Jam, how can you win our fabulous draw prizes??



No teams required beforehand-- we'll do team forming Friday night if you need one! Most folks arrive without teams, and it's a great way to make some awesome friends.

Location & Directions

University of British Colombia

Life Sciences Institute, East Atrium

2350 Health Sciences Mall

Click here for detailed wayfinding map. Please enter from the east entrance (Refer to the building map). Volunteers will be available for directions!

Please Note:

Parking is about $6 for every 24-hour period starting Friday at 6pm. If you choose to park in an open lot (e.g. B1 or C2 on the map) you must purchase TWO tickets. You can also pay-by-phone and you will receive a text message when it is about to expire. Covered parkade parking (Thunderbird Parkade) allows you to pay when you leave. If you have any questions, please contact us or inquire at the registration desk when you arrive. We will have volunteers on hand to help you, as well.

While UBC Campus Security does patrol regularly, we cannot be responsible for your vehicle or any belongings left within.


We're still working out the details on this one. Check back for more info!



All attendees must have a badge at all times.

The Jam site will have 24-hour on-site security for the entire duration of the event. As well, we will have volunteers on staff around the clock to help you with anything. If you are planning on bringing equipment there will be folks around to watch everything left in the East Atrium only.

If you want to have something placed in our off-site room, please consult with a volunteer. Due to the extreme size of this Jam we cannot guarantee the ability to store items off-site. Please be warned that while we will do everything we reasonable can to keep your items safe, we cannot be held liable for missing items.

Jam Badges

Please take note!

As one of the largest Jam sites in the world, we have a lot of people around. So we know you're with us, all individuals will be required to have their (stylish!) Jam Passes on at all times while on location. To help us out, security will watch for passes and will ask folks without to leave.

Be sure to get yours at registration, and make sure if you leave the site, you bring it back!

Sponsors on site

There will be sponsors on site at the jam with tables. Please be sure to check them out and say 'thank you'!


New to jamming? Stuck on something? Need to bounce a game idea off someone?

Mentors to the rescue! Some amazing folks will be on site to volunteer their time, expertise, and encouragement. Don't be shy to look for help-- grab a volunteer, head to the registration desk, or grab a site organizer. We'll do everything we can to get you inspired and up and running again.

Content Specialists

Need some audio? Voice work?

The jam is a collaborative environment of the finest kind. If audio isn't your speciality, chances are we'll have someone on site who can help! In the past, the amazing folks at PowerUp Audio, A Shell in the Pit and more voluntarily jammed their brains out for our GGJ jammers.

We're proud to welcome back Tree of Audio this year as well! Find all your audio needs in one place, knowing a lot of audio folks are ready to work on your project at any given time. We have up to 15 people working together (while leveraging each person's unique skill-set per project) and often have multiple folks on one project. If you'd like to join Tree of Audio in helping other jammers out, please follow this link.

Draw prizes!

The jam might be non-competitive, but that doesn't mean we can't give some awesome stuff away thanks to our amazing sponsors who keep donating awesome stuff. In January 2013 we gave away an Xbox, tonnes of games, a signed Canucks jersey and more!

What to Bring?

Or, how to have an awesome jam.

  • A powerbar/extension cord--this is really important! We only have a *few* to share.
  • Any equipment you may require, depending on your speciality (laptop, tablet, speakers, microphone, etc.; we cannot provide equipment)
  • A computer (really, we don't have any)
  • Comfy clothes!
  • Shower essentials (there are showers onsite if you want to freshen up; here at the Jam we encourage fresh!)
  • Snacks
  • A sleeping bag/pillow/stuffed video-game character to snuggle, if you plan to stay over.
  • Ethernet cable, if you have one. Wireless is available and free, but sometimes the high loads can have unpredictable results.
Resources for Jamming

Check out this amazing list of jammer resources-- licenses, demos, and more!

Become a Sponsor. Get a Hug. And so much more!

We need your help! We are completely not-for-profit and volunteer run. The folks that make this jam happen often work around the clock to fundraise enough to cover basic expenses. If you believe in what we do and are in a comfortable position to sponsor, we'd love to have you join our esteemed list of sponsors. We'll even throw in a hug! But do get in touch with us before January 7th, 2015, as we need time to confirm all the details.








Digital Platinum

  Contribution in funds.   $300 (or prize equiv.)   $600+   $1500+   $3000+
  T-Shirt Logo *   No   Small   Medium   Large
  Space for promotional materials **   No   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Link and logo on our 2015 website   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes
  Full-weekend access to the event ***   2 persons   4 persons   Up to 8 persons   Up to 8 persons
  Links in all attendee communications   No   No   Yes   Yes
  Email survey option   No   No   Yes   Yes
  Table at event on Saturday   No   No   Yes   Yes
  Highly visible signage at the event   No   No   Yes   Yes
  Maximum sponsors in this category   Unlimited   10   5   2

Inquire further:

* If the donation is received before the T-shirt order date

** Promotional materials to be supplied by sponsors

*** Individual pre-registration required

We're proud to present out sponsors for this year! <3

Microsoft Visual Studios
Vancouver Economic Commission
Relic Entertainment
Under the GUI
Roadhouse Interactive
Unity 3D
Capcom US
Guess HQ
Rocket Bear
Bunker Punks
EA Outreach
Lonsdale Event Rentals
Slick Entertainment
University of British Columbia
EXP Restaurant and Bar
East Side Games
Willow Video Games

Please consider joining us as a 2015 sponsor!

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