The Global Game Jam® (GGJ) is the world’s largest rapid game development event where teams of game developers attempt to build a game within 48 hours. The largest GGJ that is held all inside one room is the Vancouver Global Game Jam, held on January 20-22nd at the UBC Life Science Institute. Last year we hosted a full house of nearly 400 game developers, from brand new developers to industry veterans.

For 3 days, the UBC Life Science Institute will be transformed into a bustling city of computers, drawing tablets, mixing boards and sleeping bags. Over the weekend, teams of veterans and newcomers alike will come tackle the great challenge of making a game from scratch.

Everyone is welcomed to sign up for the Global Game Jam. Artists and musicians, programmers and designers, individuals and teams, everyone is welcomed in the game jam community. This is a great chance for people to test their skills and meet new friends in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.  


The game jam also offers a great opportunity to network with each other and industry professionals. Local game development and software companies come to these game jams to promote, recruit, and to even jam themselves. The Global Game Jam brings these 2 worlds together in a fun and relaxing environment.


A game jam is a great place for students to dip their feet into the world of game development as they have to work together with a team with diverse talents. A game jam is all about coming up with creative solutions and overcoming difficulty on a strict deadline. Game development schools from all across the Lower Mainland send their students to our game jam as a test of their abilities.


For people working within the industry, game jams represent a chance to take time off from a long term project and work on something short and sweet. They can test out new gameplay concepts, or play with new technology. A game jam offers the perfect playground for seasoned developers to experiment.


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